It's all about the 'Guereza Gift Box


Guereza refers to a black and white monkey of the mountain forests of Ethiopia. The name is inspired by our founder’s origin and her roots. She as a founder aims to bring you the best herbal and organic products to enhance your day to day life and invests all her time and effort in acquiring only the finest for upping your lifestyle game. The products are sourced from London and Morocco, and are rich in natural ingredients and purity. The shampoo and conditioner are paraben-free and contain Argan Oil. The Face and Hair Mask are composed of seven herbs, each having a complimenting effect on your skin and mane texture. If you’re set out to give your hair and skin a breath of fresh air, Guereza Gift Box can be your best friend to achieve that supple and natural look in no time!

What's inside the Box

Guereza Gift Box is a collection of exclusively picked products from Morocco and London, which are absolutely biotic in nature. The box contains :

● Guereza Argan Oil Conditioner (paraben free) 

● Guereza Argan Oil Shampoo (paraben free) 

● Guereza Face and Hair mask (consists of 7 Herbs) 

● Guereza Argan Oil (100% authentic) 

● Guereza Makeup Remover ( consisting of organic Argan Oil and Rose Water)